Ok so I have to get new tires on my car because they’re bald now and I have a spare where one of the front ones used to be because the tire that was torn so bad that you can actually see the metal rods that are in it(currently sitting in my trunk.) I am being told it will cost 500 + FOR ALL FOUR. and I don’t want to pay that unless there is no choice. I live in the central Fl area but I am willing to travel lol as long as its not SF. The tires on my car are low profile performance tires 18in. I also care about quality as well I have a TC. HELP!


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feuer357 says:
April 27, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Initially, forget the price of tires. Your first priority is QUALITY ----
safety is the key factor. And it's simple to understand 4 things:

1) Age. Tire rubber deteriorates over time. The life of a tire just sitting in a store is about 8 years. Drive on it then and it can fall apart! So never buy a tire made more than 3 years ago because you need tires for 3-4 years max of safe driving. // How do you learn the age of tires? Look for the sidewall letters of DOT...that stands for the Department of Transportation. At the end, you'll see 3 or 4 digits, and they mean the week / year of manufacture. (DOTxxx23/08 means that tire was made in the 23rd week of the year 2008.)

2) Treadware. This is rated by 3 digits, and the higher the better. A treadware number is clearly shown on the sidewall, too. Look for a treadware number of 3 digits, preferably 300 or higher. That's it!

3) Traction. Tire traction is rated A, B or C. Look for the traction on the sidewall, too. Do NOT buy tires rated as "C" because they will not be safe for general usage in the city or on the highway.

4) Temperature. This is another rating -- A, B or C -- on the sidewall.
It refers to the heat tires can suffer at high speeds.

What do I buy? I routinely buy 4 tires at a time....A full set is best!
Then I balance out ALL the ratings with the prices I find. Normally, I get tires that are about 2 years old, rated A/B for both traction and temperature plus a treadware rating of 350 or more.

Call around, tell the tire sales people what you want, and match up the best prices you can find. Furthermore, be sure to ask that you get a free balancing with your purchase, a free rotation every 5,000 miles or so PLUS new valve stems with the new tires. These are standard...
but you might not get them if you don't ask for them. OK?

Good luck. And drive safely!


kb9pvj says:
April 27, 2010 at 7:23 pm

I found this site on ebay and it is located in Florida. Its called "No Ugly Tire Inc/Keen Tire Co" located in West Palm Beach Florida. Phone number is 561-833-8884. Please do a search on Ebay for item number 370163972368 just for reference purposes. They have a lot of different types and sizes for great prices. Best of luck.


Shixapen Shixalope the Werepire says:
April 27, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Call 411 and get Power wheels in Miami get a quote. (no website up on them)

If it's to far for you try this one. http://www.discounttire.com/florida_tires_wheels.html

Another suggestion is Try just getting 2 rear tires and the two best tires (front or back) don't mis-match them. put on the front till you can get another set.

Make sure you get a warranty as well with your new tires!!

Take it easy!

I live in Miami so if you go to Power wheels ill be there today getting window tint heheh!



older says:
April 27, 2010 at 6:51 pm

i get mine at walmart,,have for a long time--well satisfied


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