even if the person pays every month misses one month because of loss of a job but has a new one and notify it. to the complex. still the person is going to pay with interest.


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mytownocala says:
July 2, 2010 at 2:38 pm


* The landlord must serve you, the tenant, a written notice allowing three days
(excluding weekends and legal holidays) for you to pay the rent or move. If
you do not pay rent or move, the landlord may begin action to evict you.

* In order for the landlord to gain payment of the rent or possession of the dwelling,
he must file suit in county court, and provide the court with a copy of the three
day notice.

* If the court agrees with the landlord, it will notify you in writing. You then have
five days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) to respond, also in writing,
to the court.

* If you don't respond or a judgment is entered against you, the clerk of the
county court will issue a "writ of possession" to the sheriff who will notify you
that you will be evicted in 24 hours.

* You have the right to stay in your apartment until the landlord files an eviction
case and a judge decides your case. The landlord must deliver an eviction notice
before he can file an eviction case. The landlord cannot put you out unless he
wins the eviction case in court.


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